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 jgistheonlyone jr mod application

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PostSubject: jgistheonlyone jr mod application   jgistheonlyone jr mod application I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 24, 2012 7:36 pm

Subject: Proper format for Staff Applications Today at 5:28 pm
Age : 14
IGN : jgistheonlyone
Why do you want staff : becuase i love minecraft multiplayer
How many hours do you have on our server : king and have played for 11 hours
How much do you know about plugins / coding : alot i used to have my own server
Can you rollback griefs with CoreProtect : yes
Why should you be chosen : becuase i love hasteecraft and i played on it before anyone else that are on the server now. and im awesome at being staff.
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PostSubject: Really?   jgistheonlyone jr mod application I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 25, 2012 3:55 am

You have played before anyone else. Time played : 11 hours. Being first doesn't mean anything when you don't play often.
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jgistheonlyone jr mod application
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