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PostSubject: darkmango2500   darkmango2500 I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 24, 2012 8:29 pm

Need help? I'm always here. Although I'm not staff, I can be very helpful. I made the blaze farm and you guys can use it if you want just ask me. Very Happy I'm working on my wither-skeleton farm and I might have community wither killing sometime when it is done. If you need supplies or anything really just ask me and if I have a lot, I can give it to you! Even though I try to be helpful and stuff, I do have a bad side. That is PRANKS. Yes, pranks. Sorry to rone lol! , first of all, cause he trapped in one of my traps for hours. If you do end up getting caught up in one of my pranks, when you weren't supposed to, tell me and I'll try to make it up for you. So, in general, I'm a asian, fun-loving guy, who wastes time on Hasteecraft and just likes to have fun. If you see me online be sure to say hi!
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