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 Stubbies or Stubbz says hello! Clicky here!

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Stubbies or Stubbz says hello! Clicky here! Empty
PostSubject: Stubbies or Stubbz says hello! Clicky here!   Stubbies or Stubbz says hello! Clicky here! I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 26, 2012 3:38 pm

Hi! Yes I AM a female. Supprised? Im well with the server and people who play on it. However, I sometimes dont like to see people fight with me over the web Smile.
Age: 13Young female? Ha! You prob thought I was older. I say... do you like games? I certainly do. And some of them are- well now Guild Wars 2 (which i wasnt getting for christmas but I came across some cash in my cards this year. Very Happy )
Games: Guild Wars 2, Forsaken World, Minecraft!(Pref hasteecraft), Sims 3, WoW, Warhammer-Age of reckoning and Wrath of Heroes, and many more like- oh yea like Killing floor, left for dead 2, Saints Row 3, and (What i havent touched in a while) Terraria.
Pets? Yea I have pets.
6 cats, some fish and a bunny in the back yard- hehe.
My cat? My cat as in he sleeps with me, plays with me, meows FOR me, and requires to much attention- His name is Rico (Re-co)
Since I play minecraft you assume I watch minecraft videos. Correct? Well you are right!
I watch the Yogscast who do minecraft videos everday, and Captainsparklez, and guy who plays minecraft daily, and makes kick(butt) minecraft music videos, Gangnam style-ya know, he turned it into a grand video with minecraft. And so many more popular songs he has posted.
Yawns* Seems like you know me very well now, ya know- I introduced myself all the way out until it was prob personal. Welp, Im introduced, you know me well, now log back onto hasteecraft before I catch you. Jk - Bye! cheers
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Stubbies or Stubbz says hello! Clicky here!
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