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 Devona's Rest |Stubbies Town|

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PostSubject: Devona's Rest |Stubbies Town|   Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:11 pm

Town name: Devona's Rest

Owner: stubbies

Biome(s): Forest, with a moutain, ravine, and a nearby swamp at spawn.

Features: Still in progress, however, part one of the rollercoaster is finished! Also we have included a death of fame (peoples heads). I have finish part 1 of the parkour palace (includes rewards and a pakour honor board). I've made 16x16 plots with a price of 750$. Note that there is a cheap rent for how big the plot actually is. DevonasRest has friendly neighbors and we, as a family, will work on the epic pvp arena. Did I forget to add a soon to come shop to buy your dream stuff? Oh and we also contain a mob spawner which lets you sit there and get exp including porkchops.
Nation: Emerald Nation.

Enjoy! /town spawn devonasrest to warp to spawn area!

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Devona's Rest |Stubbies Town|
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