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 I have offically lost my mind.

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PostSubject: I have offically lost my mind.   Wed Jan 30, 2013 3:50 am

Almost done with the colosseum for my town, we get to do the giant obsidian box for the town now named "Secrets" (I'm looking for a new name.) This is going to be partially advertisement for the town and partially a cry for help. I just need to finish up the colosseum on the inside and one more layer above, then it should be completed. But more importantly, most of the plots are going to be in the obsidian box (We will have the choice if you want to be in the air), don't worry, the inside will look a lot better than the outside, anyways we are going to need a ton of obsidian, (95,160 to be exact), so I'm looking for donations whether it be obsidian, enchanted pickaxes, cobblestone, or wood. Anything! Once, completed, the town will have a capacity of more than 100 people! The problem is this thing is a big box (132x260x36 high) and I need help. So if you are willing to help, contact me, I try to be on Hasteecraft everyday so please, if you are interested in helping the biggest, legit, no-creative/world edit builds ever in the history of Hasteecraft, please contact me. PLEASE I really need anything you can offer, anything at all, whether it be obsidian, cobble, or just pickaxes. Anything will be appreciated.


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PostSubject: May I help?   Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:04 am

Hey DarkMango can I help with the buildings? I really want to help out around the community. If you see this can you reply to me on this or on the server?
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I have offically lost my mind.
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