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 Not a new member but it seems appropriate...

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PostSubject: Not a new member but it seems appropriate...   Tue Feb 05, 2013 7:31 pm

Hey guys, DarkZircon here. Some of you who do not know yet may be wondering who in the world is this new guy that already is owner of a town and is respected with less than 5 hours. I am darkmango2500 but decided to stop playing on my friends account and get my own, hence my new name. This is going to be my main account and darkmango will reside as an alt. Call me darkmango2500, Zircon, Dark, Mango or DarkZircon, whatever you feel comfortable with, I will respond to all names. Also if any of you need help or anything, bother me on Hasteecraft and I'll be glad to help. Very Happy:

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Not a new member but it seems appropriate...
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