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 Info on this / Layout to get it

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PostSubject: Info on this / Layout to get it    Tue Feb 19, 2013 6:57 pm

What this is, is PPP = Private Protected Plot, which means, it's private protected with worldguard. TnT / Creepers can never blow up in it, Lava + water can't go in it.. PvP is optional to the builder depending on if it's a PvP arena or something like that. This is ment for Magnificant builds, I mean fabulous! If you want to build something incredible, you can! If your build gets approved, it will be a warp and private protected. All the credit will go to the builder! For example : Build an amazing details medieval tower or an Epic server-wide PvP arena where people can watch others fight with potions and god armour + swords! I thought that this would help alot, and would make epic builds even more epic! Also, people will try to make PvP arenas, so more people will 1v1 fairly or 2v2 without line jumping! Anyways.. If you don't get accepted, it doesn't matter, don't get upset! Just work harder on it and add more. If you want, you'll get tips + advise on it if you want from the owner + staff and other exeptional builders! This is your chance to build something you've always wanted and show it off, or improve your skills! If you have any questions, post below and it will be answered by a staff member or myself, Hastee.

Format for applying to get your build private protected =
Name in game :
Coordinates of the Build :
How long it took you : (not hours, for example : I worked about a week on it on and off)
What gave you the idea to build it :
What it's supposed to be :
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Info on this / Layout to get it
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