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 PvP tournament information

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PostSubject: PvP tournament information   Tue Feb 19, 2013 7:15 pm

PvP tournaments, an epic event for the server! These will be held once a month on Saturday at 3 PM EST! These tournaments will be hosted in a private arena (built by staff or a PPP). It will be 1v1s and givebacks will be decided upon the fighters of each fight. Winners gets 150,000$ in game money! You can watch and spectate (free to join) Bring your supples to fight!

Rules :
Potions... Allowed
God Apples... Not Allowed
Axes... Allowed
Swods... Allowed
Bows... Allowed
Enderpearls... Allowed
No Tping out of the fight or enderpearling out of the fight!
Spectators are not allowed to jump in.. No interferences
No /backing when you die
Staff will spectate
No hacking
Have fun!

Any questions? Post below!

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PostSubject: Re: PvP tournament information   Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:11 am


I would really like to do with this pvp fight, But i have some questions
-The winner will win 150.000 hasteecoins ?
- Will the winner all the stuff win from the died players?
-And what what time will this fight begin?

Please help me...

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PvP tournament information
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